Cabinet Hinge Guide

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Are your Cabinets Face Frame or Frameless?

Face Frame Style

Construction method that has a wood frame around the front of the cabinet box.

Frameless (Box) Style

Construction method that consists of a cabinet box with sides, top, bottom, and back.

What are the most popular types of cabinet hinges?


These hinges are totally hidden when installed.  Originally designed in Europe for frameless cabinets you will now also find a full complement of face frame versions for almost any application. For overlay doors in face frame construction, you have two options for concealed hinges: Salice Compact series hinges, a more economical choice, or European style hinges with face frame adapter plates.

European Style Hinges

These are a particular type of concealed hinge that uses a hole bored into the back of the cabinet door.


Sometimes called knife hinges, a small 9/32” slot or kerf is cut in the top and bottom on the hinge side of your cabinet doors and all you see is small knuckle on the edge of the door.

Surface Mount Hinges

These hinges are attached with screws to the surface of a face frame style cabinet.

Wrap Hinges

These hinges can be full or half wrap and are attached with screws to the inside edge of a face frame opening. Wrap hinges are available in residential, furniture and heavy duty institutional versions.

Mortise Hinges

Mortise hinges are installed in a mortised opening on edge of the door and the edge of the face frame and are concealed or hidden when closed.

Regular vs. Soft Close

Regular Close Hinge

These hinges do not have any type closing mechanism and are commonly used with touch latches which pop your door open when lightly pressed and also mechanically or magnetically hold the door in the closed position.

Soft Close Hinge

Dampeners in the hinge will slow the door down and pull it fully closed. Same with drawer slides, cabinet doors using soft close hinges prevent slamming and minimize noise.

Hinge Opening Angle

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